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Adidas retro products series
adicolor series was first released in 1983, each pair of shoes with a color pen 6 different colors, to help people achieve in pure white shoes on free creation, the creation of a pair of shoes own personality. This caused great shock and reaction at the time, has become a personal concept of ancestor (Customization). Adidas will launch a series of products, in the adicolor 2006 series not only has the white symbol of many Adidas Originals's classic style, with a variety of personalized interpretation tools, and can change the type three from watercolor pen to spray paint cans to all kinds of shoes, which makes every consumer can give full play to individual creativity, create own style products.
Clover can be said to be Adidas's most popular brands, Adidas and other single product is not the same place, the clover shoes including clothing relatively fashion, leisure, fashion, is no longer the movement style, the clover shoes are an integral part of the field of retro trend recognition.